World Wildlife Fund – Love it or Lose it PSA Campaign

Love it or Lose It

Nature. We seek solace in its presence and find joy in its revelations, be they towering forests or songbirds outside our window. Nature gives us hope, even in the most troubling times. It also provides the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the resources we all depend on. But the future of nature is in doubt. We’re losing forests, wildlife, freshwater, and so much more. All at an unprecedented rate.

WWF’s PSA campaign, “Love it or Lose it,” shines a light on the interconnected relationship we share with nature and what is at stake if we lose it. All of us need love to thrive, and nature is no different. Now is the time for us to stop forest loss, protect our oceans and freshwater, and secure a future for people and wildlife. Nature needs our love. Don’t let it disappear. It’s our choice. Love it or lose it. Available in English and Spanish.

Keyword Topic(s): Environment, Species, Forests, Oceans, Freshwater, Climate Change, Food Systems

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