WildAid: The Environment Excuse Campaign/Food Waste: Help people Live more Sustainably

Up to 40% of food in the US gets wasted which adds up to an astounding 325 pounds of food per person every year. Food waste isn’t just a social problem; when we waste food, we also waste water, labor, transportation, and energy. And when food ends up rotting in landfill, it releases noxious methane gas, a harmful airborne pollutant. With skyrocketing food prices, average people are looking for ways to lower their food costs. We are here to help.

In the lead up to Earth Month (April), WildAid teamed up with The James Beard Foundation and The School of the Visual Arts to show people how they can reduce food waste, save money, enjoy tasty meals and step more lightly on our planet. Thank you for your support.

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