TeachersCan - Texas

Those who can’t, teach.” That phrase has haunted teachers for too long. #TeachersCan seeks to remind everyone of the influence and impact teachers can have on our students, our communities, and our future, and reinforce what teachers can’t do: ignore a burning child’s curiosity about the world, allow a single child to quietly slip through the cracks, be bullied into thinking they’re worthless, and more. The #TeachersCan coalition seeks to empower teachers to own their voice and to rally organizations, communities, and individuals to support teachers.

#TeachersCan is a national movement committed to elevating the teaching profession and honoring the critical role teachers play in the success of our students. More than 135 partnering brands, associations, chambers and community groups, and universities have signed on to support the initiative. The Charles Butt Foundation is facilitating engagement and promotions, but #TeachersCan is an opensource movement that any entity can make their own.

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