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Did you know, only 1 in 5 of people with disabilities employed, including those with autism. That’s why creating opportunities and inclusive workplaces where not just autistic adults, but all employees can thrive, is crucial. Now, Autsism Speaks, a 501(C) (3) nonprofit organization, has created WIN.

Workplace Inclusion Nowtm (WIN) is Autism Speaks’ workforce development program for employers, job seekers and community stakeholders committed to promoting diversity in hiring, creating an inclusive workplace and helping people on the spectrum find employment. WIN provides online training courses for employees of all backgrounds to raise awareness around neurodiverse thinking and communication styles, compiled and reviewed by a committee of autism experts, autistic adults, job coaches, corporate executives and DEIA leaders.

Please help us engage with businesses and neurodiverse individuals in your community! For businesses striving for genuine diversity and inclusion, WIN is more than just a program: it’s a strategy. Businesses that hire neurodiverse workers reap multiple benefits, including improved company morale, better products and services, higher productivity, and ultimately increased bottom lines. Not only is becoming inclusive a straightforward process that benefits the entire workforce, but autistic adults also offer unique potential and diversity to companies.

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