Pass It On - Campaign 14

Thank you for your tremendous support of this ongoing campaign promoting positive values!

The Foundation for a Better Life is excited to share their new lineup of billboards! Inspiring and timely, we are confident you and the public will enjoy them.

As with all previous campaigns, PassItOn will provide, and at no cost to you, standard bulletin, poster, and bus shelter/mall kiosk materials, as well as digital billboard artwork in the creative of your choosing. Download Digital Billboard Artwork

Additionally, all operators will receive a one-time posting fee per installed display in the amounts listed below, provided standard POP (Proof-Of-Performance) photographs, completion reports, current W-9 and invoices are submitted.

Bulletins $200
Posters $50
Bus Shelters/Mall Kiosks $25

Quantities are limited, orders may be partially filled. Requests for non-standard sizes or substrates will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.

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