The next disaster doesn’t have a name or date, but it’s coming. And, during a disaster, you may have only minutes to make decisions about what to do. Now, is the time to get ready and make a plan.

Americares, a 501(c)3 and health-focused relief and development organization, wants you, your loved ones and your viewers/listeners to learn how to act now and have a plan in place to stay safe during an emergency.

In support of this effort, Americares has launched a new public service announcement (PSA) campaign, in partnership with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, to teach people how to get ready for the next disaster.

Americares is ready for the next disaster and wants you to be ready, too. Americares relief workers are among the first to respond to emergencies, helping to restore health services for survivors. And, last year alone, Americares had preparedness projects in more than 300 locations, including training for health workers in communities vulnerable to disasters.

Please help us in our mission to make sure Americans will be ready when the next disaster strikes. Below find:
– Units with creative focusing on FIRE related disaster, as well as FLOOD/HURRICANE/TORNADO “home”. Below view the designs to order STATIC/PRINT UNITS. If you need /are interested in DIGITAL out of home files, please click here:

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