Jeffrey Modell Foundation

For nearly twenty years, the Foundation’s iconic “When I Grow Up” PSA campaign has encouraged public awareness for Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) through uplifting and informative messaging. The PSAs are meant to inspire children and families to imagine healthy futures where children can follow their dreams.

The new campaign encourages viewers to “Know the Warning Signs” of PI to ensure the earliest possible diagnosis and proper treatment to improve quality of life. The campaign builds on the “When I Grow Up” branding by introducing a new character who wants to be a director when she grows up. Thanks to the 10 Warning Signs, she has a chance to grow up and say, “lights, camera, action!” A second segment of the campaign depicts the evolution of two of our beloved characters who have grown into teenagers and are following their dreams. They were properly tested, diagnosed, and treated at a young age, and now they will grow up and achieve their childhood dreams. The new ads work in tandem to demonstrate the importance of early diagnosis; when children living with PI are properly treated, they can grow into healthy, passionate teenagers and pursue their dreams, thanks to the 10 Warning Signs.

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