Everyone knows the devastating toll COVID-19 continues to take on countless Americans’ personal and financial health. A loss of income, for many, can have serious consequences – often they must leave their neighborhoods and homes in search of more affordable housing. Others who cannot move, face pressure from unscrupulous landlords that try to force tenants to provide sexual favors in exchange for reducing rent.

These unfortunate circumstances often happen to people of color face housing discrimination as they look for new homes and are turned away; shut out of certain housing opportunities because of their race or national origin. COVID-19 inequity is real, and it should not be made worse because of housing discrimination.

These Out-of-Home placements from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in partnership with the National Fair Housing Alliance will educate your community about their rights under the Fair Housing Act. With your support, they will understand that housing discrimination or sexual harassment in housing situations is always against the law—before, during, and after COVID-19

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