I Am Child Hunger in America

Hunger knows no boundaries. It impacts people from all walks of life – including children. More than 9 million – 1 in 8 – children in America don’t have enough to eat. While most people say they care about the issue of domestic hunger, far fewer take action. Hunger affects children in every community across the country, yet it can often be hard to recognize when a child is struggling with it. “I Am Child Hunger in America” juxtaposes technology with humanity to help people visualize the breadth of the issue and begin to question their own perceptions of hunger in America. The campaign combines real images of children facing hunger, USDA data and artificial intelligence to create a lifelike portrait that represents the stories of children facing hunger in our country. The outdoor campaign will be localized to provide awareness of the 200 local food banks in the Feeding America nationwide network.

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